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Administrative Rules
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Article I
Article II
Pharmacy Board Examination
Article III
Pharmacy extern\intern registration and practical experience requirement
Article IV
Licensing Renewal and Continuing Education
Article V
Action Against Pharmacist License
Article VI
Practice of Pharmacy Permits
Article VII
Responsibility of Pharmacist in Charge (PIC)
Article VIII
Responsibility of Pharmacist Care
Article IX
Action Against Permits
Article X
Drug Product Selection
Article XI
Stock Container Labeling, Outdated Merchandise, Sanitation, Dispensing and Storage Requirements
Article XII
Prescription/Order Required and Refill Authorization/Recordkeeping
Article XIII
Prescriptions to be Filled
Article XIV
Labeling Requirements
Article XV
Issuance and Receipt of Prescription Copies
Article XVI
Registration with the Board to Handle Controlled Substances
Article XVII
Requirements of Controlled Substances Prescriptions
Article XVIII
Dispensing of Controlled Substances
Article XIX
Dispensing of Schedule II Controlled Substances
Article XX
Partial Filling of Schedule II Prescriptions
Article XXI
Schedule III, IV, and V Prescriptions Not to be Filled After Six Months
Article XXII
Recording Refills and Partial Filling of Schedule III, IV, and V Prescriptions
Article XXIII
Record Keeping on Controlled Substances
Article XXIV
Security of Controlled Substances
Article XXV
Inventory Requirements for Controlled Substances
Article XXVI
Disposal of Controlled Substances
Article XXVII
Nuclear/Radiologic Pharmacy
Article XXVIII
Preparation of Sterile Pharmaceuticals
Article XXIX
Regulations Governing Institutional Pharmacy
Article XXX
Institutional/Long Term Care Facilities (LTCF)
Article XXXI
Compounding Guidelines
Article XXXII
Pharmaceutical Drug Facility Permits
Article XXXIII
Home Health/Hospice Permits
Pharmacy Extern/Intern Registration
Institutional Emergency Medication Kit Permits
Pharmaceutical Health Care Initiation and\or modification of drug therapy under protocol
Article XXXVII
Duties and Responsibilities of Executive Director
Medical Equipment Suppliers Permit
Article XXXIX
Automated Pharmacy Systems
Article XL
Pharmacy Technicians
Article XLI
Medical Gas Wholesaler Permit
Article XLII
Administrative Procedure Rules
Article XLIII
Prescription Monitoring Program
Article XLIV
Severability Provision
Article XLV
Pharmacy Benefit Manager
Article XLVI
Charity Pharmacy Permits
Article XLVII
Physician Dispensing Facility Permits
Article XLVIII
Article L
Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Multi-Provider Clinics
Article LI
Consulting Pharmacists to Ambulatory Surgery Centers and Multi-Provider Clinics

Mississippi Pharmacy Practice Act

73-21-69Repeal of sections 73-21-71 to 73-21-129.
73-21-71Short title.
73-21-75State Board of Pharmacy; number, qualifications, appointment and terms of members; appointments made from names submitted by pharmacist association; filling of vacancies; removal of members.
73-21-77Organization of board; oath; meetings; compensation and expenses of members.
73-21-79Executive Director; additional employees; legal counsel
73-21-81General powers and duties of board; enforcement of chapter; rules and regulations.
73-21-83Board to regulate practice of pharmacy; licensing of pharmacists; fees; persons holding license on July 1, 1991.
73-21-85Requirements for pharmacist’s license by examination or score transfer; licensing of foreign pharmacy graduates; criminal background checks.
73-21-87Requirements for pharmacist’s license by reciprocity or license transfer.
73-21-89Requirements for pharmacist’s license for graduates of University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy; termination of provisions.
73-21-91Renewal of licenses; reinstatement upon failure to renew.
73-21-93 Examination; frequency and location; scope; facilities.
73-21-95 Abolition of assistant pharmacist’s license; issuance of pharmacists’ licenses to persons holding such licenses.
73-21-97 Denial of renewal, suspension, revocation or restrictions on licenses, registrations or permits; grounds; warning or reprimand.
73-21-99 Hearings on violations; notice; procedure.
73-21-101Appeal from adverse action on a license, registration or permit; scope of review.
73-21-103Penalties for violations; requirement of rehabilitation or additional education; reinstatement of licenses or permits; enforcement proceedings.
73-21-105Registration of businesses where prescription drugs or devices are dispensed, sold, repackaged, manufactured, etc.; registration of reverse distributors; establishment of criteria; procedures and fees; applications; standards for operation;...
73-21-106Registration requirement for nonresident pharmacies that ship, mail, or deliver drugs into state.
73-21-107Inspection of permittee’s facility and records; scope.
73-21-108Permit requirements for persons providing home medical equipment.
73-21-109Unlawful use of certain business names.
73-21-111Personnel regulations; registration of pharmacy technicians; annual registration fee; criminal background checks.
73-21-113Payment and deposit into state treasury of funds received by state board of pharmacy; expenditure.
73-21-115Prescription forms; execution; dispensing options; one-time emergency dispensing authority.
73-21-117Substitution of generic equivalent drug.
73-21-119Labeling of drug products sold at retail.
73-21-121Immunity from civil or criminal liability of dispensing pharmacists and prescribers; immunity from civil liability of persons providing information to board or pharmacist organization;...
73-21-123Sales of certain drugs not regulated.
73-21-124Sale and purchase without prescription of pseudoephedrine or ephedrine products permitted; log of each transaction required; minimum age of purchaser; punishment for violation
73-21-125Community pharmacies and pharmacists and volunteers working therein immune from civil liability for actions arising out of provision of charitable or gratuitous pharmaceutical products.
73-21-126Rules and regulations for issuance and renewal of licenses and permits for in and out of state wholesale distributors, chain pharmacy warehouses and re-packagers.
73-21-127Board of Pharmacy to develop and implement computerized program to track certain prescriptions; report of suspected abuse and misuse of controlled substances; access to collected data; confidentiality;...
73-21-127.1Annual Prescription Monitoring Program report on number of opioid prescriptions provided to patients.
73-21-129Certain drug manufacturers required to make provision for return of outdated drugs from pharmacies; investigation and discipline of noncompliant manufacturers; exemption; definitions.
73-21-151Pharmacy Benefit Prompt Pay Act. Short title.
73-21-153Pharmacy Benefit Prompt Pay Act. Definitions.
73-21-155Most current nationally recognized reference price to be used in calculation of reimbursement for prescription drugs and other products and supplies; updating of reference price;...
73-21-156Placement of drug on maximum allowable cost list; access, update and notification;... 
73-21-157License required to do business as pharmacy benefit manager; pharmacy benefit managers to file certain financial statements with State Board of Pharmacy; time period for filing statements.
73-21-159Financial examination of pharmacy benefit manager.
73-21-161Referral by pharmacy or pharmacy benefit manager or affiliate, or transfer or sharing records relative to certain prescription information, or presentation of claim for payment pursuant...
73-21-163Action for temporary or permanent injunction against pharmacy benefit manager or affiliate to prohibit use of certain methods, acts or practices; monetary penalties for noncompliance...
73-21-175Pharmacy Audit Integrity Act. Short title.
73-21-177Pharmacy Audit Integrity Act. Purpose.
73-21-179Pharmacy Audit Integrity Act. Definitions.
73-21-183Audit procedures; written report; report requirements.
73-21-185Appeals; dismissal of audit report; mediation of unresolved issues.
73-21-187Use of extrapolation in calculating recoupments or penalties prohibited.
73-21-189Limitation of applicability of Sections 73-21-175 through 73-21-189.
73-21-191Penalty for noncompliance with Sections 73-21-175 through 73-21-189.
73-21-201Prescription Drugs Consumer Affordable Alternative Payment Options Act. Short title.
73-21-203Prescription Drugs Consumer Affordable Alternative Payment Options Act. Definitions.
73-21-205Pharmacists authorized to provide additional information to patients to allow them to consider affordable alternative payment options when acquiring prescription medication;...