Foreign Graduates

For eligibility as a foreign graduate, candidates must obtain the FPGEC Certificate (Foreign Pharmacy Graduate Examination Committee Certificate). For acceptance to take the FPGEC exam, candidates must have obtained a degree or qualification from a school of pharmacy program having at minimum a four-year curriculum leading to pharmacist licensure, or its equivalent.

In order to determine if the graduate qualifies for this exam, NABP (National Associations Boards of Pharmacists) must be contacted at (847) 391-4406.

In order to qualify to take the NAPLEX/MPJE, candidates must complete 1600 pre-licensure hours as an intern/extern. To complete these hours in Mississippi, the candidate must register as an intern/extern with the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy. In order to do so, click here.

Once this exam is successfully passed, the graduate must then take the NAPLEX exam. Upon successful completion of the above steps, the graduate will be required to take the MPJE exam. Then the graduate will be ready for application of licensure, which is probably the easiest step in this entire process.


National Association of Boards of Pharmacy FPGEC Certification Program