Naloxone Statewide Standing Order

Through a standing order issued by the Mississippi State Department of Health, pharmacists are now permitted to dispense by request the narcotic blocker naloxone. A prescription from​ a doctor or other medical practitioner is not required. 

To view or download the current Naloxone Statewide Standing Order beginning May 05, 2023:​​

Please follow these simple steps to dispense: 

  1. ​Maintain proof of completion of the Board-approved training program. 
  2. Maintain a copy of the standing order. 
  3. Reduce the standing order to a prescription (prescriber is the physician that issued the standing order) - fill and file the prescription as a legend drug. 
  4. Provide proper counseling on the use of the medication.  ​​​​

MBP Naloxone Training


Mississippi Code Annotated Section 41-29-319 authorizes a pharmacist to dispense an opioid antagonist pursuant to a Standing Order to a person in the State of Mississippi who is at risk of experiencing an opioid related overdose or to a family member, friend or other person in a position to assist such person at risk of experiencing an opioid related overdose. The law provides that prior to dispensing an opioid antagonist pursuant to a Standing Order, a pharmacist shall complete the applicable training as required by law or regulation.

The Mississippi Board of Pharmacy has​ approved specific training as required by law. This training is the official training that must be completed even if you have received training from another source. A certificate of completion of the training will be available for printing when the training is completed, and you should keep a copy of this certificate for your records. This training is only for pharmacists that dispense an opioid antagonist pursuant to a standing order.

The Board approved training for Pharmacist can be accessed by following the attached link.