Regulations and Administrative Rules
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As used in these regulations.

Article I

Article II
Pharmacy Board Examination

Article III
Practical Experience Requirement

Article IV
License Renewal and Continuing Education

Article V
Action Against Pharmacist License

Article VI
Practice of Pharmacy Permits

Article VII
Responsibility of Pharmacist in Charge (PIC)

Article VIII
Responsibility of Pharmacist Care

Article IX
Action Against Permits

Article X
Drug Product Selection

Article XI
Stock Container Labeling, Outdated Merchandise, Sanitation, Dispensing and Storage Requirements

Article XII
Prescription/Order Required

Article XIII
Prescriptions to be Filed

Labeling Requirements

Article XV
Issuance and Receipt of Prescription Copies

Article XVI
Registration with the Board to Handle Controlled Substances

Article XVII
Requirements of Controlled Substances Prescriptions

Article XVIII
Dispensing of Controlled Substances

Article XIX
Dispensing of Schedule II Controlled Substances

Article XX
Partial Filling of Schedule II Prescriptions

Article XXI
Schedule III, IV, and V Prescriptions Not to be Filled After Six Months

Article XXII
Recording Refills and Partial Filling of Schedule III, IV, and V Prescriptions

Article XXIII
Record Keeping on Controlled Substances

Article XXIV
Security of Controlled Substances

Article XXV
Inventory Requirements for Controlled Substances

Article XXVI
Disposal of Controlled Substances

Article XXVII
Nuclear/Radiologic Pharmacy

Preparation of Sterile Pharmaceuticals

Article XXIX
Regulations Governing Institutional Pharmacy

Article XXX
Institutional/Long Term Care Facilities (LTCF)

Compounding Guidelines

Article XXXII
Pharmaceutical Drug Facility Permits

Article XXXIII
Home Health/Hospice Permits

Article XXXIV
Pharmacy Extern/Intern Registration

Institutional Emergency Medication Kit Permits

Article XXXVI
Pharmaceutical Health Care/Initiation and/or Modification of Drug Therapy Under Protocol

Article XXXVII
Duties and Responsibilities of Executive Director

Medical Equipment Suppliers Permit

Article XXXIX
Automated Pharmacy Systems

Article XL
Pharmacy Technicians

Article XLI
Medical Gas Wholesaler Permit

Article XLII
Administrative Procedure Rules

Article XLIII
Prescription Monitoring Program

Article XLIV
Severability Provision

Article XLV
Pharmacy Benefit Manager

Article XLVI
Charity Pharmacy Permits

Article XLVII
Physician Dispensing Facility Permits

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