Naplex and MPJE Results

The total scaled score is the overall score received on the examination. A total scaled score of at least 75 is required for passing.

Upon the successful completion of the NAPLEX® examination, your Mississippi license will be issued (provided all required applications/forms are completed and fees are on file in the Board office) and you may begin the practice of pharmacy in Mississippi. You will receive a wallet card and renewal card with your license number within two weeks. A wall certificate will be forwarded to you within one to two months. 

No new license or registration for Pharmacist, Pharmacy Technician, or Student Extern/Intern shall be issued after July 1, 2005, without the applicant having successfully passed a State and National Criminal Records Check which will include fingerprints of the applicant.

Please note: Naplex and MPJE test results are posted on NABP’s web site, this does not mean that your score has been received by our office and/or your license has been issued. Licenses are issued at the completion of all checklist items.

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