Mississippi Pharmacy Practice Act

Mississippi Code of 1972 as Amended

Index for Chapter 021 of Title 73

Complete Mississippi Pharmacy Practice Act

73-21-69Repeal of sections 73-21-71 to 73-21-129.
73-21-71Short title.
73-21-75State Board of Pharmacy; number, qualifications, appointment and terms of members; appointments made from names submitted by pharmacist association; filling of vacancies; removal of members.
73-21-77Organization of board; oath; meetings; compensation and expenses of members.
73-21-79Executive Director; additional employees; legal counsel
73-21-81General powers and duties of board; enforcement of chapter; rules and regulations.
73-21-83Board to regulate practice of pharmacy; licensing of pharmacists; fees; persons holding license on July 1, 1991.
73-21-85Requirements for pharmacist’s license by examination or score transfer; licensing of foreign pharmacy graduates; criminal background checks.
73-21-87Requirements for pharmacist’s license by reciprocity or license transfer.
73-21-89Requirements for pharmacist’s license for graduates of University of Mississippi School of Pharmacy; termination of provisions.
73-21-91Renewal of licenses; reinstatement upon failure to renew.
73-21-93Examination; frequency and location; scope; facilities.
73-21-95Abolition of assistant pharmacist’s license; issuance of pharmacists’ licenses to persons holding such licenses.
73-21-97Denial of renewal, suspension, revocation or restrictions on licenses, registrations or permits; grounds; warning or reprimand.
73-21-99Hearings on violations; notice; procedure.
73-21-101Appeal from adverse action on a license, registration or permit; scope of review.
73-21-103Penalties for violations; requirement of rehabilitation or additional education; reinstatement of licenses or permits; enforcement proceedings.
73-21-105Registration of businesses where prescription drugs or devices are dispensed, sold, repackaged, manufactured, etc.; registration of reverse distributors; establishment of criteria; procedures and fees; applications; standards for operation;...
73-21-106Registration requirement for nonresident pharmacies that ship, mail, or deliver drugs into state.
73-21-107Inspection of permittee’s facility and records; scope.
73-21-108Permit requirements for persons providing home medical equipment.
73-21-109Unlawful use of certain business names.
73-21-111Personnel regulations; registration of pharmacy technicians; annual registration fee; criminal background checks.
73-21-113Payment and deposit into state treasury of funds received by state board of pharmacy; expenditure.
73-21-115Prescription forms; execution; dispensing options; one-time emergency dispensing authority.
73-21-117Substitution of generic equivalent drug.
73-21-119Labeling of drug products sold at retail.
73-21-121Immunity from civil or criminal liability of dispensing pharmacists and prescribers; immunity from civil liability of persons providing information to board or pharmacist organization;...
73-21-123Sales of certain drugs not regulated.
73-21-125Community pharmacies and pharmacists and volunteers working therein immune from civil liability for actions arising out of provision of charitable or gratuitous pharmaceutical products.
73-21-126Rules and regulations for issuance and renewal of licenses and permits for in and out of state wholesale distributors, chain pharmacy warehouses and re-packagers.
73-21-127Board of Pharmacy to develop and implement computerized program to track certain prescriptions; report of suspected abuse and misuse of controlled substances; access to collected data; confidentiality;...
73-21-129Certain drug manufacturers required to make provision for return of outdated drugs from pharmacies; investigation and discipline of noncompliant manufacturers; exemption; definitions.
73-21-151Pharmacy Benefit Prompt Pay Act. Short title.
73-21-153Pharmacy Benefit Prompt Pay Act. Definitions.
73-21-155Most current nationally recognized reference price to be used in calculation of reimbursement for prescription drugs and other products and supplies; updating of reference price;...
73-21-157License required to do business as pharmacy benefit manager; pharmacy benefit managers to file certain financial statements with State Board of Pharmacy; time period for filing statements.
73-21-159Financial examination of pharmacy benefit manager.
73-21-161Referral by pharmacy or pharmacy benefit manager or affiliate, or transfer or sharing records relative to certain prescription information, or presentation of claim for payment pursuant...
73-21-163Action for temporary or permanent injunction against pharmacy benefit manager or affiliate to prohibit use of certain methods, acts or practices; monetary penalties for noncompliance...
73-21-175Pharmacy Audit Integrity Act. Short title.
73-21-177Pharmacy Audit Integrity Act. Purpose.
73-21-179Pharmacy Audit Integrity Act. Definitions.
73-21-183Audit procedures; written report; report requirements.
73-21-185Appeals; dismissal of audit report; mediation of unresolved issues.
73-21-187Use of extrapolation in calculating recoupments or penalties prohibited.
73-21-189Limitation of applicability of Sections 73-21-175 through 73-21-189.
73-21-191Penalty for noncompliance with Sections 73-21-175 through 73-21-189.
73-21-201Prescription Drugs Consumer Affordable Alternative Payment Options Act. Short title.
73-21-203Prescription Drugs Consumer Affordable Alternative Payment Options Act. Definitions.
73-21-205Pharmacists authorized to provide additional information to patients to allow them to consider affordable alternative payment options when acquiring prescription medication;...