The Mississippi Board of Pharmacy was established by legislative action in 1920. The mission of the Board is to protect and promote the health of Mississippi citizens by regulating and controlling the practice of pharmacy and the distribution of prescription drugs and devices.

The Mississippi Board of Pharmacy is comprised of seven pharmacist members, all appointed by the Governor. They are assisted by an administrative staff headed by an Executive Director appointed by the Board.

The Mississippi Board of Pharmacy has moved to expanded facilities located at 6360 I 55 North, Suite 400, Jackson, Mississippi 39211.Telephone numbers for the new location are 601-899-8880 for the main office and fax at 601-899-8851. The Prescription Monitoring Program may be reached at 601-899-0138 and fax at 601-899-8904.​​​​​​

Current News

Emergency Announcement: Tropical Storm Nate | 10/6/2017

​Today Governor Phil Bryant announced an emergency declaration in preparation for the possible landfall of Tropical Storm Nate. As a preemptive measure, the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy is announcing that:

  • As the result of this impending storm and;
  • In the event a pharmacist receives a request for a prescription refill and the pharmacist is unable to obtain refill authorization from the prescriber, the pharmacist may dispense a one-time, 30 day supply, emergency refill of the prescribed NON-CONTROLLED medication, provided that;
  1. The prescription is not for a medicinal drug listed as a Scheduled Controlled Substance;
  2. The medication is essential to the maintenance of life or to the continuation of therapy;
  3. The pharmacist must use his or her professional judgement, the interruption of therapy might reasonably produce undesirable health consequences or may cause physical or mental discomfort;
  4. The pharmacist properly records the dispensing; and
  5. The dispensing pharmacist notifies the prescriber of the emergency dispensing within a reasonable time after the one-time emergency refill dispensing. 

Frank Gammill
Executive Director

Tyson Drug Company and City of Holly Springs Saving Lives | 9/26/2017

​In the 2017 legislative session, the Mississippi Legislature passed House Bill 996 enabling practitioners to prescribe naloxone through standing orders. The law further allows pharmacies to dispense lifesaving naloxone to any person who would potentially be in position to save the life of a person at risk for overdosing.
Tyson Drug Company in Holly Springs has been aggressive in taking advantage of this new opportunity to dispense naloxone through a standing order.
The pharmacists at Tysons have not only completed a naloxone training program, but have also developed a training class to instruct others how to save a life with naloxone. Seeing the opportunity to make a difference in the community, the Holly Springs Fire Department and Marshall County Sheriff's Deputies partnered with Tysons to receive naloxone training so they could begin carrying naloxone on their response vehicles.
In a letter to the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy, the pharmacists at Tysons say the benefits of this partnership are already visible in the community of Holly Springs.
Recently, the Holly Springs Fire Department responded to a call for a person who was unconscious and believed to have overdosed on an opioid. Upon arriving at the scene the person was not breathing. The first responder administered naloxone, and within a matter of minutes, the person regained consciousness and began breathing again.
The letter concluded saying,
"This is just one instance where local first responders are making a difference in their community. This could not have happened without all parties' willingness to work together for the common good of the Holly Springs community. Through the continued success of this partnership, our hope is for other pharmacies in Mississippi to be encouraged to work together with their first responders to provide similar services in their communities."
The Board would like to commend Tysons Drug Company for taking the initiative to work with first responders in their community. Executive Director Frank Gammill said, "Tysons actions are making a real difference. I encourage all pharmacies across the state to follow Tysons lead, and become more involved in the training and distribution of naloxone in their area."

MBP Board Meeting Summary Report: September 2017 | 9/25/2017

The Mississippi Board of Pharmacy met on September 21, 2017 to conduct business and hold disciplinary hearings. ​Please click the following link MBP Board Meeting Summary Report: September 2017 to read a synopsis of the items presented or considered by the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy during their September meeting.

MBP Welcomes Mississippi Secretary of State as Special Guest at the September Meeting | 9/24/2017

e Mississippi Board of Pharmacy was honored to welcome Secretary of State Delbert Hosemann as our guest speaker for the September Board Meeting. We appreciate leaders like Secretary Hosemann who are committed to bringing awareness locally and nationally to the current opioid crisis in Mississippi and doing whatever it takes to ensure the safety of the citizens of Mississippi.

We are grateful for our partnership with Secretary Hosemann and look forward to our continued work together.

URGENT NOTICE: MBP Phone Number Has Been Spoofed | 9/18/2017


The Mississippi Board of Pharmacy phone number has been spoofed and is being used illegally. The origination of many of these illegal calls is from overseas. If you have received a call from this number and do not have business with us, please regard the call as a fraudulent call and hang up. Spoofing is the process where the originator of a call is able to show, through caller ID, a number and/or name other than the true caller.

Examples of fraudulent calls may include calls relating to Medicare, Back Pain, Medication or Medical Equipment, etc. The Mississippi Board of Pharmacy does not endorse products or contact the public about products or health programs.

Please be assured that the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy is doing everything possible to rectify this situation. All appropriate federal, state and local authorities have been notified of this issue. You may report suspected fraud to the Federal Communications Commission.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience this issue may have caused you.
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