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The Mississippi Board of Pharmacy was established by legislative action in 1920. The mission of the Board is to protect and promote the health of Mississippi citizens by regulating and controlling the practice of pharmacy and the distribution of prescription drugs and devices. Our Board is comprised of seven pharmacist members, all appointed by the Governor. They are assisted by administrative staff headed by an Executive Director appointed by the Board. 


Resolution Regarding Prescription Medications During Hurricane Sally | 9/14/2020




Whereas, the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy is charged with the protection of the public health as it relates to patient safety, patient health, patient access, and patient services, and;

Whereas, severe weather-related events can cause the displacement of numerous citizens of the State of Mississippi and other nearby States; and

Whereas, in the best interest of protecting the public health and to facilitate access by the public to drugs that are vital and necessary to maintaining each individual’s health, now, therefore;

Be it resolved, in the event that a pharmacist receives a request for a prescription refill and the pharmacist is unable to obtain refill authorization from the prescriber, the pharmacist may dispense a one-time emergency refill of the prescribed NON-CONTROLLED medication, provided that;

1. The prescription is not for a medicinal drug listed as a Scheduled Control Substance;

2. The medication is essential to the maintenance of life or to the continuation of therapy;

3. The pharmacist must use his or her professional judgment, the interruption of therapy might reasonably produce undesirable health consequences or may cause physical or mental discomfort;

4. The pharmacist properly records the dispensing; and

5. The dispensing pharmacist notifies the prescriber of the emergency dispensing with a reasonable time after the one-time emergency refill dispensing.

This resolution shall be effective during any State of Emergency declared by the Governor of the State of Mississippi or upon the authorization of the President of the Board due to a state of emergency in a nearby State.


The current Resolution activated on September 14, 2020.


UPDATED: Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine Information | 8/4/2020

It has come to our attention that there is some confusion over prescribing and dispensing chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine. The Board of Pharmacy did not restrict the usage of these medications. At the time of the previous guidance issued, there was a shortage, and many hospitals were using this medication as a key therapy.

As current efforts are underway to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, concern has been reported on the issuance of prescriptions and dispensing of hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine by pharmacies for prevention and treatment of COVID-19. The Board of Pharmacy has no purview over medications that a provider prescribes. Pharmacists should exercise caution dispensing these medications in a community setting.

At present, the FDA has not approved the use of chloroquine or hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19 prophylaxis or treatment. The prescribing physician should monitor a patient’s care.

Medication side effects, drug interactions, contraindications and laboratory monitoring requirements should also be considered when dispensing these medications for the treatment of COVID-19. There is a potential for toxicity. Meeting those monitoring needs for patients could be limited.

Pharmacists and prescribers must also consider that patients currently taking hydroxychloroquine for FDA approved indications could be affected by this prescribing. Pharmacists should monitor supplies of chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine for medication availability.

Providers prescribing hydroxychloroquine to patients for other indications (i.e., lupus, rheumatoid arthritis) are encouraged to note the indication on any new prescription issued.

Please note, pharmacists are encouraged to use their professional judgement and as always, are allowed to deny prescriptions based on this judgement as necessary.

This is a constantly evolving situation. As additional data is available, current information could be subject to change. Please continue to check your email from the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy and our website, www.mbp.ms.gov, for updated information pertaining to COVID-19.



Jillian Foster


Mississippi Board of Pharmacy

Susan McCoy

Executive Director

Mississippi Board of Pharmacy



Amending or Creating a New Regulation | 8/3/2020

Curious about how regulations are amended or created? Check out this diagram!

News from the DEA | 7/21/2020

DEA has eliminated paper registration and renewal notifications and moving toward the ONLINE registration and renewal process.  Paper notifications will no longer be mailed.  Therefore, it is imperative that DEA has the correct email address of the registrant or their designated point of contact.  Registrants without email addresses will be contacted by DEA personnel in order to update the notification database.  Registrants may also directly contact Registration Support Specialists, Julie (571) 362-4890 or Connie (571) 362-4891) who handle the states of Louisiana, Arkansas, Alabama and Mississippi.  Additional information can be found on the DEA website: www.DEAdiversion.usdoj.gov, Registration Support.​

Mississippi Board of Pharmacy Swears in Board Members and Appoints Officers | 7/17/2020

The Mississippi Board of Pharmacy welcomed two new board members at the third quarter meeting held in Jackson on July 16. Ronnie Bagwell of Brandon and Tony Waits of Prentiss will each serve a five-year term as board members.“We, at the Board of Pharmacy, are excited about both Ronnie and Tony joining our Board. They bring many years of experience in the practice of pharmacy that will serve them and us well in the decisions that are required of the Board and staff. We look forward to the contributions that they will make,” Executive Director Susan McCoy.

Bagwell, a Brandon resident brings over 25 years of experience to the position. He is the owner of Marty’s Pharmacy and Compounding Center in Flowood and has been the Pharmacist-in-Charge of Hospice Ministries inpatient facility since 1998. Bagwell has served as the president of the Mississippi Pharmacists Association.

Waits is a resident of Prentiss and has been working in pharmacy for over 30 years. He is the owner of Hudson Drugs in Prentiss. He has served on the Board of Mississippi Independent Pharmacist Association, the Baptist Medical Dental Mission International and the Board of Trustees of Pearl River Community College throughout the years.

Additionally, the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy elected Jillian Foster of Olive Branch to the position of president. Appointed to the Board in 2016, Foster is currently the System Pharmacy Service Line Administrator for Baptist Memorial Healthcare Corporation (BMHCC), where she provides strategic directions to the BMHCC pharmacy teams across 14 hospitals and 19 infusion centers in Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas.

The Board of Pharmacy named Larry Calvert Vice President, and Todd Barrett as Secretary for the 2020-2021 term. (Left to right: Tony Waits, District 4, Jillian Foster, District 1 and President, Ronnie Bagwell, Institutional at Large, Ryan Harper, District 3, Guy Phillips, Retail at Large, Todd Barrett, District 2 and Secretary, Larry Calvert, District 5 and Vice President.)

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