URGENT NOTICE: MBP Phone Number Has Been Spoofed


The Mississippi Board of Pharmacy phone number has been spoofed and is being used illegally. The origination of many of these illegal calls is from overseas. If you have received a call from this number and do not have business with us, please regard the call as a fraudulent call and hang up. Spoofing is the process where the originator of a call is able to show, through caller ID, a number and/or name other than the true caller.

Examples of fraudulent calls may include calls relating to Medicare, Back Pain, Medication or Medical Equipment, etc. The Mississippi Board of Pharmacy does not endorse products or contact the public about products or health programs.

Please be assured that the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy is doing everything possible to rectify this situation. All appropriate federal, state and local authorities have been notified of this issue. You may report suspected fraud to the Federal Communications Commission.

We sincerely regret any inconvenience this issue may have caused you.

Article Date:   9/18/2017    |   Expiration Date:   5/18/2022

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