Tyson Drug Company and City of Holly Springs Saving Lives

​In the 2017 legislative session, the Mississippi Legislature passed House Bill 996 enabling practitioners to prescribe naloxone through standing orders. The law further allows pharmacies to dispense lifesaving naloxone to any person who would potentially be in position to save the life of a person at risk for overdosing.
Tyson Drug Company in Holly Springs has been aggressive in taking advantage of this new opportunity to dispense naloxone through a standing order.
The pharmacists at Tysons have not only completed a naloxone training program, but have also developed a training class to instruct others how to save a life with naloxone. Seeing the opportunity to make a difference in the community, the Holly Springs Fire Department and Marshall County Sheriff's Deputies partnered with Tysons to receive naloxone training so they could begin carrying naloxone on their response vehicles.
In a letter to the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy, the pharmacists at Tysons say the benefits of this partnership are already visible in the community of Holly Springs.
Recently, the Holly Springs Fire Department responded to a call for a person who was unconscious and believed to have overdosed on an opioid. Upon arriving at the scene the person was not breathing. The first responder administered naloxone, and within a matter of minutes, the person regained consciousness and began breathing again.
The letter concluded saying,
"This is just one instance where local first responders are making a difference in their community. This could not have happened without all parties' willingness to work together for the common good of the Holly Springs community. Through the continued success of this partnership, our hope is for other pharmacies in Mississippi to be encouraged to work together with their first responders to provide similar services in their communities."
The Board would like to commend Tysons Drug Company for taking the initiative to work with first responders in their community. Executive Director Frank Gammill said, "Tysons actions are making a real difference. I encourage all pharmacies across the state to follow Tysons lead, and become more involved in the training and distribution of naloxone in their area."

Article Date:   9/26/2017    |   Expiration Date:   4/12/2023

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