NOTICE: Michael Leo Baker, D.O - MS License No. 15475

FROM: Mickey Boyette, Agent, CMBI
Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure

RE: Michael Leo Baker, D.O.
MS License No. 15475

Please be advised, the above identified Licensee executed a Voluntary Surrender of his Mississippi medical license effective IMMEDIATELY on August 3, 2017. As the result of this action, Licensee is no longer allowed to practice medicine in any form in the State of Mississippi. (This includes the issuance of any prescriptions or, the refilling of any prescriptions previously issued by Licensee).

According to the Board's Administrative Code (which is noted below), all prescriptions previously issued by the Licensee are now null and void based on the following:

Part 2640 Chapter 1: Rule 1.11 Prescription Guidelines - All Medications, Section G specifically states:
  1. Thirty (30) days after the death of the issuing physician.
  2. Thirty (30) days after the issuing physician has moved or otherwise changed the location of his or her practice so as to terminate  the doctor/patient relationship. Termination of the doctor/patient relationship results when a patient is no longer able to seek personal consultation or treatment from the issuing physician.
  3. Insofar as controlled substances are concerned, immediately after the loss of DEA Controlled Substances Privileges by the issuing physician.
  4. Immediately after the revocation, suspension or surrender of the physician's license.

Article Date:   9/14/2017    |   Expiration Date:   5/18/2022

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