Important Message to Pharmacists

History and Facts Relating to MSPMP Usage by Pharmacists
The Mississippi Board of Pharmacy (MSBOP), for years, has served a vital role in the battle against opioid abuse, addiction and the diversion of controlled substances. Since 2005 the MSBOP has had the responsibility of the development and operation of the Mississippi Prescription Monitoring Program (MSPMP). We remain fully dedicated to the program and to its appropriate use.
The MSBOP holds an important role in Governor Bryant's Opioid and Heroin Task Force. Board Member Larry Calvert continues to serve on the task force representing the pharmacy community. While the task force recommendations were being developed, the MSBOP began studying how pharmacy could better protect the public in its use of the MSPMP. As a result of that study, the Board voted in the fall of 2017 to propose regulatory changes that include mandated usage of the MSPMP under certain circumstances outlined in the document linked below. Those regulations are now in the final stages of the Administrative Procedures process and will fully take effect in the next few weeks. It is important to note that the Board has wisely acted on this issue BEFORE the beginning of the 2018 Legislative Session.
Early in this Session, HB 131 was presented into the legislative process. HB 131 "requires dispensers and prescribers of prescription drugs to check the Prescription Monitoring Program database before dispensing or prescribing controlled substances and specified noncontrolled substance drugs...".
The Mississippi Board of Pharmacy believes HB 131 to be overly restrictive to daily pharmacy practice and will effectively and significantly affect the public health through the limitation of access to pharmacy services.
This information is being distributed at the legislature to inform them of the action already taken by the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy after thorough vetting and study of the issue. 

To download a copy of the information we are providing to the legislature, Click Here
Feel free to use this document as you discuss this issue with our State leaders.
Steve Parker
Deputy Director/Legislative Liaison

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