Frank Gammill, Executive Director, Announces Retirement

Frank Gammill, Executive Director of the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy, Announces His Retirement

Dear Friends,

It is with mixed emotion that I announce my retirement as Executive Director of the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy effective June 1, 2018. This has been a difficult decision for me, but after a career of 54 years I am convinced the time is now. I am looking forward to spending more time with my family.

I have been blessed in my career and especially in my work with the Board of Pharmacy. The honor of serving the State of Mississippi and the profession of pharmacy in the role of Executive Director is a marvelous way to end my career.

When I was promoted to the position of Executive Director, I had many goals. One important goal and accomplishment was the need for another facility for the Board and staff. In 2013 we accomplished this effort and made our move to our current location. Our new offices offer a more appropriate and productive work environment for both the Board and staff and represents the profession well.

I knew we had the need to update our licensing system. Although a software system is always a work in progress, I am very proud of our new system and what it has been able to offer all of us. We continue in our efforts to bring this and all the Board systems into the 21st century.

The Mississippi Prescription Monitoring program has been in existence since 2005. It began as a manual system, but now has been developed into a system that I will put up against any PMP in the nation.

PBM licensing and oversight is a critical need for the citizens and our profession. Although we are limited in our authority over PBM activity, I am proud of our accomplishments in this area.

I am most proud of the staff of the Board of Pharmacy. I am confident in the ability and dedication of my staff. I can only hope the next Executive Director will learn to love the staff and the work of the Board as much as I have.

I retire with the peace of mind that my successor will have the tools necessary to continue improving the Board's work and to take the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy and the profession of pharmacy in Mississippi to an even higher level of success.

Over the next few weeks and months I hope to be able to personally visit with you. I will always cherish our friendships and I look forward to watching the profession of pharmacy and the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy grow in our service to the public.


Frank E. Gammill​ 
Executive Director

Article Date:   3/6/2018    |   Expiration Date:   4/15/2020

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