Below is a list of frequently asked questions. If you have any other questions that are not answered on this page please email the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy.


Legal Guidelines for the Format of Prescription Blanks

The Board of Pharmacy continues to receive numerous inquiries concerning legal guidelines for the format of prescription blanks in the State of Mississippi. In that regard, the Board offers the following:

  • Statutory Authority—Section 73-21-115 of the Mississippi Code of 1972, Annotated.
  • Regulatory Authority---ARTICLE X DRUG PRODUCT SELECTION, of the Pharmacy Practice Regulations of the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy.

Both of the above can be accessed by clicking on the above hyperlinks or from the Board’s home page by clicking “Pharmacy Practice Act” and/or “Regulations”.

The requirements of a legal prescription blank are, that there shall be a signature line in the lower right-hand corner beneath which shall be imprinted the words “Substitution Permitted” and a signature line in the lower left corner beneath which shall be imprinted the words “Dispense as Written”.

All other inquiries such as pre-printed blanks, number of prescription orders per blank and the electronic transfer of a prescription order should be addressed by the Mississippi State Board of Medical Licensure. They can be contacted by telephone at 601-987-3079 or by fax at 601-987- 4159. Their web address is www.msbml.state.ms.us.

Permit Holder Responsibilities

Pharmacy permit holders, as stated in Article VII of the Mississippi Pharmacy Practice Regulations, are required to notify the Board when they leave the permitted facility. If the employment of the permit holder is terminated, or if for any other reason he/she wishes to be relieved of the responsibilities of the permit holder, he/she must:

  1. Return the original permit to the Board with written notice that he/she is no longer the permit holder for the facility; and
  2. Send to the Board an inventory of any controlled substances on hand at the facility at the time of his/her termination as permit holder.

When the relinquishing permit holder cannot or does not comply with these inventory requirements, it shall be the responsibility of the new permit holder to send to the Board an inventory of any controlled substances on hand at the time he/she assumes responsibility as permit holder. Application for a new permit must be made to the Board within 10 days. ​


Students desiring to take the NAPLEX and/or MPJE can visit the NABP webpage at www.NABP.net to register for the exam(s).

Upon receipt of proof of graduation from candidate's school of pharmacy and proof of 1600 prelicensure hours certified by candidate's board of pharmacy, graduate will be marked eligible to take NAPLEX/MPJE. This is done electronically. After candidate has received his/her ATT (Authorization To Test) number, he/she may contact testing site to schedule an appointment to take exam(s). Please allow three (3) to seven (7) business days (from test date) in order for the board to receive test scores. Exam results will be posted on the board's website by ATT numbers. Please do not call the board office inquiring about results, NO INFORMATION WILL BE PROVIDED VERBALLY. ​


​Users are not permitted to make changes to their account for security purposes. You may send an email to mspmpassist@mbp.ms.gov and we will update this information for you.


​You may obtain MSPMP reports from any computer. However, you are still under HIPAA obligations to protect the patient's information.​

​Yes. Dispensing Physicians and dentists who personally furnish MSPMP reportable drugs to their patients for more than a 48-hour supply must report these dispensings to the MSPMP (samples do not have to be reported). “Personally furnish” means the product leaves with the patient for the patient to use outside the office. Products administered to a patient while in the office (such as an injection) do not need to be reported.​

​The MSPMP report itself is for your use in treating the patient or conducting a law enforcement investigation. The report should not be provided to anyone outside of your office/pharmacy. However, information found on the report can be discussed with anyone (including the patient) listed on that report within the bounds of HIPAA and other privacy laws.​

​After logging in to PMP AWARxE, go to “Rx Search” and “My Rx”.  Prescribing histories are run based on DEA#.  If you have provided your DEA# to us, you will see and check your DEA# and provide a date span to retrieve your prescribing history.  ​

​Yes. It is also recommended that you discuss any plans to keep copies of MSPMP reports with your legal advisor to ensure that your plans meet any other requirements not directly related to MSPMP. Once placed in the medical record, it should be treated as part of the medical record.  We do not recommend printing out PMP reports in a pharmacy.  There is no medical record and no need to have PMP reports in the pharmacy.  Pharmacists should be able to review the PMP on the spot to make a decision.​

​If you also treat the patient, you can request a report on the patient and share the information with others who treat the patient within your office or pharmacy. However, you may not provide a report to someone else solely for their own use. The treating physician/pharmacist should obtain his/her own MSPMP account.​

Each person (prescriber, pharmacist, or delegate) must first have their own account. The prescriber/pharmacist will then sign into their own account, click on “User Profile”, then select “Delegate Management.” They will see which delegates are currently connected to their account. Select “Approve” below names you wish to add to your account. Select “Remove” to delete a delegate from your account.

​While not required, we ask that when you change your employer that you send an email to the PMP so that we may update that information. Users are not permitted to make changes to their own accounts for security purposes.

You may send an email to mspmpassist@mbp.ms.gov and we will update your account. ​

Pharmacies are required to report prescription information to MSPMP every 24 hours or next business day of the date the drug was dispensed. Considering the time required to process that information with no errors involved, the prescription information should be available within a day or two of the dispensing date.​

​You can reset your password after it has expired by selecting “Reset Password” on the Login Screen. If your password has not expired yet and you have received an email reminder, login and go to “User Profile” and “Password Reset”.  If you continue to experience issues, you may reach MSPMP during regular business hours by emailing us at MSPMPASSIST@MBP.MS.GOV or calling us at 601-899-0138.​

​You have several options: 1. Expand the search criteria. Minimum search criteria are last name, first name, and birth date. Including the zip code, address or telephone number may get additional information from the database. Adding criteria will never reduce the amount of information the report collects. 2. Verify your search criteria. Check spelling of names and birthdates. 3. Call the pharmacy to see how they have spelled the patient’s name or entered the birthdate or zip code. Base your search criteria on that information. 4. Even though a prescription may have been submitted, if there was an error in the data the prescription is rejected. Errors are reported back to the dispensing pharmacy for correction and resubmission.​

​While we understand the desire for a single account/single point of contact for multiple people to use, we cannot accommodate this. Everyone must have their own, private user name and password.  Again, NO SHARING OF THIS INFORMATION.​

​Pharmacies report the NDC of the drug being dispensed. Compounds do not have a standard NDC. Call the pharmacy; they can tell you what was dispensed. ​

​Call the dispensing pharmacy for all clarifications/corrections. Only they can make corrections to their information. The correction on the prescription must then also be reported by that pharmacy to MSPMP via the APPRISS Clearinghouse.​

To request an exemption waiver from MSPMP reporting, contact us and ask for a waiver to be sent to you.  Fill out the waiver and send it back to us.  We will approve or decline the exemption waiver request.  If your situation changes and you do dispense a reportable medication, you must start reporting immediately.

​Use the address of the pharmacy with (patient has no address) on address line 2 and use the area code of the pharmacy then zeroes for the phone number. [E.g. in North Mississippi a pharmacist would use 6620000000] ​

Mississippi does not have mandatory use although certain entities may require it in certain situations.

​Nobody! Your MSPMP account is for your use only. Do not share your password with anyone, including your office staff and/or spouse. To authorize others to access MSPMP on your behalf, delegate accounts are available for this purpose. Your chosen delegate should go to our website and click on the “Please register for an account” link to start a delegate application. **NOTE** delegates are linked to their supervisors by their user names.  Supervisors must approve the delegate for that person to be an approved user.​

​Prescribers, Pharmacists, Law Enforcement Officers, State Licensing Boards, coroners, and drug courts can register for MSPMP.  A physician can have anyone as a delegate, a Nurse Practitioner must have a registered nurse or a licensed practical nurse (LPN) as a delegate, and a pharmacist may only have a Pharmacy Technician as a delegate.​





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