Effective Immediately: Drug Facility Update

​Notification was directed to all Wholesale Facility Permit holders in November 2016 bringing attention to changes occurring with this permit type in Mississippi that were driven by new DSCSA changes. In order for the state of Mississippi to become compliant with these new regulations, all facilities holding a Wholesale Permit with the Mississippi Board of Pharmacy were required to reapply for their license with Mississippi one year ahead of their 2017 expiration date. The new Drug Facility Permit Application was to be received in our office no later than December 31, 2016.

As stated in the November 2016 letter, effective immediately any Wholesale Facility that has not submitted a new Drug Facility Permit Application has been put on inactive status. In order to become compliant with these new regulations you must submit a Drug Facility Permit Application immediately along with a $250 late fee.

To download all documents relating to the Drug Facility Permit Application, Click Here.

2017 Drug Facility Renewal Update: The 2017 Renewal Application for Drug Facility Permit Holders is not yet available. We are working diligently to provide online renewals for all Drug Facility Permits as soon as possible. We will notify everyone via email and our website as soon as these renewals are available. We thank you for your patience!

If you have any questions please email: Licensing@mbp.ms.gov

Article Date:   11/3/2017    |   Expiration Date:   5/12/2021

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