PMP Reporting

Submission or reporting of dispensing information shall be mandatory and required every 24 hours or next business day by the State Board of Pharmacy for any entity dispensing controlled substances in or into the state of Mississippi, except for the dispensing of controlled substance drugs prescribed by a veterinarian residing in the state of Mississippi. The prescriptions tracked shall be prescriptions for controlled substances listed in Schedules II, III, IV or V and butalbital, ephedrine and pseudoephedrine containing products that are dispensed to residents in the state of Mississippi by licensed pharmacies, nonresident pharmacies, institutions and dispensing practitioners, regardless of dispenser location. This includes mail order pharmacies. Dispensing by a Veterinarian is exempt (Prescriptions written by a Veterinarian and filled by a pharmacy ARE required to be reported).

Direct administration of a controlled substance to the body of an ultimate user (such as in an inpatient setting) is exempt from reporting. Any quantity of drug dispensed that is limited to an amount adequate to treat the ultimate user involved for 48 hours or less is exempt from reporting. Controlled substance prescriptions dispensed for patients in nursing homes, ICFMRs, and Assisted Living facilities ARE required to be reported. The Board may specify a uniform electronic format for the mandatory reporting, sharing, and disclosure of PMP information. Dispensers will submit information as required by the Mississippi Prescription Monitoring Program (MSPMP).

ASAP 4.2 Reporting Specifications are required and can be found here.

Any questions regarding reporting, please call APPRISS Help Desk at 1-855-567-4767 and ask to speak with someone on the "Clearinghouse" side.​